What Calculators are Allowed on The SAT?

What Calculators are Allowed on The SAT

The SAT ( Scholastic Aptitude Test ) is a standardized entrance exam that plays a important role in determining college admissions and merit awards decisions. That’s why SAT plays quite a important role in your college application. 

Standardized Math tests are intimidating. But fortunately, the students are not entirely on their own, when it comes to the math section of the SAT, it’s because you cannot bring the calculator of your choice. You are supposed to follow the SAT Calculator Policy. 

Bringing the right calculator on the test day can boost up your score by minimizing the computational mistakes and maximizing your time. You may be curious about about what calculators are allowed on the SAT. This article will help answer all your questions about the SAT Calculator Policy.

As you know, SAT exams consists of two math sections. In first one the calculator is not allowed, while in the second section it is permitted to use a calculator. In the first one, the calculator is strictly prohibited.

This area consists of about 20 mathematical questions. The second one section is the one in which use of calculator is allowed, it is composed of 38 mathematical questions. A calculator is very helpful to solve the questions in this portion and speed up the entire process.

Since, you have been preparing for this test for a long time. You will never want to get in trouble while taking the test. Imagine you go through all the sections, but when you came across the math section of SAT, you realize that the calculator that you have bring with you is not appropriate, or what will happen when your calculator stops working in between of the test.

To avoid such a nightmare you should probably know that what kind of calculators you are allowed to use during the SAT. So let’s begin.

The SAT Calculator Policy

According to the SAT Calculator Policy, students are allowed to use calculators on some portions of the test. The student must appear in the test by bringing their own calculators, remember there is a strict policy regarding sharing of the calculators among students. 

A calculator is allowed to be used only in the calculator section ( in which calculator is allowed ) of the SAT mathematical section. It is strictly prohibited to be used in the first non – calculator section, it should be placed far away while you are attempting that questions. Along with, it should also be placed away while you are attempting other sections.

The SAT allows certain calculators. These consists of all sort of scientific calculators, certain graphic calculators and certain four function calculators. There are certain requirements which needs to be fulfilled when it comes to what calculators are allowed on the SAT.

The most important requirement is that the calculator must be hand-held and battery operated. Remember, the calculators with the power connections are strictly prohibited.

List of the Calculators allowed on the SAT

Now, you know about the SAT Calculator Policy. Here you will find out that which sort of calculators are allowed during the SAT exam. Below is the list of the calculators allowed :

1. Scientific Calculators

A Scientific Calculator is a calculator that is designed in such a way that it will allow you to deal with science, engineering and mathematical problems. Scientific Calculators includes log, natural log ( in ), exponents, roots, trigonometric functions and memory. It is capable of showing it’s output in scientific notation,  hexadecimal and the binary or octal form.

Scientific Calculators are of two types, hand-held and the one in your mobile phones etc. In the SAT exam you are allowed to use all sort of scientific calculators. Scientific Calculators consists of all the functions required for an SAT Exam. It will be the best recommendation above the entire list. You can use any kind of scientific calculators. Remember, prepare for the test using the calculator that you are going to use for the test.

2. Graphic Calculators

A Graphic Calculator is an hand-held computer which helps us to solve simultaneous equations, plotting graphs and performing other variable’s functions. A graphic calculator is used as a tool with high resolution screen, having the ability to plot and coordinate graph functions.

Not all, but certain graphing calculators are allowed to be used during the SAT exam.  Models that have a computer type key pad, stylus or pen input, uses electrical outlets, makes noise or have a paper tape, or any other mobile phone type feature are strictly prohibited in the SAT exam room. Therefore, select that model which does not have such a feature.

3. Four Function Calculators

A Simple Four Function Calculator is a calculator that can perform basic operations only such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division along with square root and the exponent function .

You can use certain four function calculators in the SAT exam. You cannot use the ones on your mobile phones. Using a basic and simple Four function calculator is not recommended in the SAT exam.


In this article, I have explained to you in detail that what calculators are allowed on the SAT. First of all, I have shared with you guys the SAT Calculator Policy. And then, I have told you which calculators are allowed according to the SAT policy, scientific calculators, graphic calculator and four function calculators.

At last, I would like to share with you the best recommendation above which is scientific calculators, you can easily solve your SAT math section with this calculator. Wish you some luck.

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