What Calculators are Allowed on The ACT?

What Calculators are Allowed on The ACT

Are you about to give an ACT test? Then you must be wandering that what calculators are allowed on the ACT testing room. Calculators are allowed but are not required in the ACT. But, in many test takers opinion, the calculator helps students to complete the math section more accurately and much faster.

Once you’re preparing for the ACT test, you must know that which calculator you should take with you. ACT test preparation is incomplete without the right ACT calculator. 

The ACT is pretty strict when it comes to allowing calculators in the exam hall and its policies reflects the same. Bringing the wrong calculator will lead to expulsion, no student should face such a scary scenario. 

The best Calculator to use on the ACT test us one that you are familiar with and allowed during the test. Remember, you can solve all the problems on the ACT math section easily without a calculator, so you should not stress about purchasing the right calculator.

It is highly recommended that you should use a calculator that you have practiced with. You should do prepare for the math section of the ACT test, with that calculator that you are going to use for the test.

If you are thinking not to take a calculator to the test, I am are not recommending that. I highly recommend you to do use a calculator on the ACT test. This will help you to solve the problems more quickly and will boost your confidence in your answers.

In this article you will find answers of all your questions. Remember that the official calculator policy makes it even tougher to choose which calculator to use, therefore, it is difficult to select the device. Read this article completely to know that which calculator is allowed. 

The ACT Calculator Policy

According to the ACT Calculator Policy, all the students can use any 4 function, scientific or graphic calculator as long as it is modified ( if needed ) and is not in the prohibited list. Calculators on your mobile phones, tablets and laptops are on the prohibited these, even the four function calculator on your mobile is not allowed.

Your best option is to use the calculator that you have used before. You can also use your older siblings fancy graphing calculator, but if you have never used it before you will spend your valuable time on just struggling to calculate the basics. While all of the ACT problems can be solved without a calculator. It’s a resource for you which you can use for your advantage. 

List of the Calculators allowed on the ACT

According to the ACT Calculator Policy, here is list of the calculators allowed on the ACT :

Four Function Calculators                                         

A Simple Four Function Calculator will handle nearly any calculation that you want to make during the ACT. You can get a model which handles addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Get the one which also has square root.

A four function calculator is basically a calculator that can only perform basic operations, such type of calculators also have the square root and the exponent function. All the standalone four function calculators are allowed on the ACT.

You can also use a printing four function calculator, as long as you remove the paper from the device before the test day. If your calculator screen us tilted outwards the examiner will male you sit at the back so that no one can see your calculations.

Scientific Calculators

Most of the scientific calculators are allowed on the ACT. A scientific calculator is an electronic calculator which can handle trigonometric, exponential and other advanced functions. It shows its output in the scientific notation, hexadecimal and the binary or octal form.

Altough Scientific Calculators have far more functions than a simple four function calculators, most of the functions are not relevant to the ACT. Still you will find them handy in a problem or two.

Scientific Calculators consists of a screen that mostly shows one to two lines of the text. If your scientific calculator consists of a downloadable or a built in  computer algebra system, then it will not be allowed on the testing room.

3. Graphing Calculators

Older graphing calculator are mostly allowed in the ACT testing room. But, if your graphing calculator has a built in or downloadable computer algebra system it will not be allowed unless you will remove the algebra function completely. 

A graphic calculator is composed of far more advanced functions than in a scientific calculator. It is a handheld computer which is used for solving simultaneous equations, plotting graphs and performing other functions with variables. 

Remember that some of the graphing calculator models are allowed and some are not allowed in the ACT. So make sure to check whether your calculator has a forbidden computer algebra system.


In this article, I have explained to you in detail that what calculators are allowed on the ACT. There are three kinds of calculators which are allowed in the ACT testing room.

Remember, you can still solve the problems of ACT math section without a calculator, but a calculator fastens the process and build your confidence in your answers.

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