How to use a Record Player?

How to use a Record Player

Nowadays the use of record players is trending, but most people do not know how to use a record player. In this article, all steps are explained in detail how to play a record player. In the past time, there is no advancement to shuffle or rewind quickly.

Instead, you have to choose an album and enjoyed the 20-minute music of a singer, and then you can flip or change the next album. In 1877 the phonograph was invented, slowly phased out, and replaced by another music device about 100 years later. With time a lot of advancement takes place in technology.

Nowadays record players enjoying by most people. In this article, we will see how the favorite inventions of Thomas Edison affect the culture and society and how it works.

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In this article detail about the working of record player available. Besides the old record player, there are also new 2021 record player features explained.

Complete Method of how to use Record Player

All of you are well familiar with the moving parts of the record player and can set the general settings and functions like audio replay equipment. Playing a record is art or experience. Unlike my phone and CDs, we click once and play music but the record player takes a little time to play music for the listener.

There are different types of record players many models available. Many automatic machines bring the needle to the center of the groove by moving the anti-skating features.

There are of following steps;

1st step

 The first step is to place your record in a safe place. Usually on a flat surface, protected from any harm or fall.

2nd step

The next step is to plug in the record player and then turn it on. Depending on the model there is an ‘on’ button present on the front site.

3rd step

The third step is to lift the wooden cover from the record player. It protects the record player from dust particles and other damages.

4th step

The fourth step is to draw the record  from its box by using tissue and gloves when touching it side it out.

5th step

The fifth step is to place the record player on the turntable in the center position. Now put your finger in the center of the hole of the record player. Avoid touching the record player. If you hold the disc between your hands. It will be difficult because it is parallel like the legs of the letter H.

6th step

The next step is gently and slowly moves the needle from the record, placing it on the outermost part of the record.

7th step

The 7th step is to use a lever that is present on the base of the record player and then press it down to lower the needle. The cueing lever will rise to spin the record. On the manual table, you can press on the cueing lever of the tone arm. Align the tone arm with the outer rim of the record player. In this way, the needle coincides with the first groove of the record player.

8th step

The 8th step is to enjoy the music. Once all set up is complete, then the record player is ready to play. Now you can use the volume switches to up and down the volume.

9th step

The 9th step is to finish up the record player. Turn it off by using the lever to push the needle up and off the record player.

10th step

The next step is to put back the record player in the case by using tissues.

11th step

Next is to unplug the record player and put a dust cover on it. When you want to stop it then, pull the cueing lever up so that the tone arm is off the record. Then the guide the tone arm to bring it to its resting position. Then you press the stop button.

Best record player design

The best record players of 2021 are different from the old ones that might save in gathering dust. For many years we spent most of the time finding the best record player and now we are happy to report modern and versatile style devices within an incredibly suitable range. 


In this article, I explained all the features of a record player, the whole process of how to use a record player.  I hope this piece of write-up may help you more than you want. Record players can operate. Nowadays, the record player is back in trending. You must know the proper way that how to use a record player. Record players prepared nowadays are budget-friendly and easy to use. The record players using nowadays are different from the record players used in the past. Now there is more advancement in the record players and good quality speakers attached with it.

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